The ash cloud from unpronounceable Icelandic vulcano -Eyjafjallajokull is spreading over the UK. Airports in Ireland and Isle of Man were closed in the morning on Sunday, then Manchester Airport followed.

From 1:00am Monday the 17th Gatwick and Heathrow airports remain closed until (at least) 7:00am, but considering restrictions ahve not been lifted in the north parts of the UK, we can expect Gatwick and Heathrow to be closed after 7:00.

We are now facing disruptions which can last several months. With no control over the vulcano or the ash it produces and considering several months of its last activity 200 years ago we should be prepared for lot of frustration and business losses.

Maybe it’s time to go back to old fashioned planes with rotary engines and proppelers instead these when-ash-faulty turbo jet engines?