Why would a Taxi, Minicab or an Airport Transfers operator expect the journey booked by an American to be prepaid in full, in advance? The reason for that is simple. Most poor Americans who visit Europe come here for the first and only time. There is nothing wrong in  visiting places for the first time as such, but many Americans have very little knowledge and understanding of the world beyond the state they live in and this is why many problems any misunderstandings begin.

Let’s be clear here I am not talking about those Americans who studied on Harvard, Princeton, Yale or MIT. I am talking about poor Mr. Joe Smith-Capone whos grand,grand father came frrom Italia to NYC and now Mr Smith wants to show his teen children a Live museum- Europe, where his ancestors lived.

Everything in America is bigger, brighter and longer than in Europe except for the history. And everything is so cheap. Despite we all pay thesame for the barell of oil, here in Europe and here in the UK (UK always underlines its separation from Europe- continent- continental) our European and UK- socialist governments charge us double taxes on fuel in comparison to what US government charges its beloved citizens. Because the ‘gasoline’ is so cheap in US, Americans can afford to buy and maintain 3.5-6 litre engines, while we have to stick to 1.4 or 1.6 petrol and 1.9 if in diesel. They have their SUVs and trucks and we have our Opel/Vauxhall Corsas and Nissan Micras.

So what it all has to do with Taxis, Minicabs and Transfer operators at Gatwick. Why do some operators want Americans to prepay their taxis, minicabs or airport transfers in advance?

Because many Americans who book a saloon car for four passengers with luggage will arrive with so much luggage that some of the MPV 6 seater cars would not handle it. They just differently understand sizes. What we consider big for them is just normal- M size. What we consider huge for them it might be big. What whe consider gigantic they consider of a good size.

So the reason for Gatwick Airport Taxi operators to charge upfront is du to Americans booking cars which are too small to handle the luggage. There is another issue -the arogance and rudeness of many Smiths towards taxi drivers- probably because being a taxi driver in States is one of the lowest professions you could think of, so the lack of respect for the taxi drivers is  very common there. Pre-paid taxi driver can be more assertive, unpaid will have to put up with often a long unpleasant fare.