Roadworks at junction 9, where you exit the M23 for London Gatwick Airport, is finally finished. What it means to taxi and minicab drivers picking up from Gatwick is that there will be no more overnight closures and we can all drive to London via M23, not via Redhill or Reigate.

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Easter is rather busy time and both passengers flying out of London and coming back home for Easter use Gatwick extensively.  The full opening of roundabout at junction 9 at Gatwick was very important and we should all praise the Highway Agency for the job done before this festive period. Most of us will get 4 days off and will enjoy the weather (well Saturday was nice and warm and we can presume the Sunday will be just as nice).

Some of taxi and minicabs drivers and chauffeurs will take a few days work, some will work as usual – not all of us celebrate Easter. Let’s hope there will be no major accidents on M25 and M23 near London Gatwick Airport will not be congested so those of us who have a working weekend ahead will have a nice and easy one.