BA Strike- strikes directly in the London Airports Transfer Industry

Last BA strike action put many London Airport Taxi operators as well as Chauffered Executive Transfer Car Services in a difficult situation as some flights were cancelled, many rescheduled for different hours and some redirected to different airports.  “It was a very difficult weekend for all of us”-says Ahmed Haram- the Transfer Operations Chief Executive at London Transfers Travel Group.

New flight schedule confirmed.

British Airways now revealed that the flying schedule for 23 to 26 March 2010 does not change much, but the next strike will take place very soon from 27th to 30th of March an may result with further disruptions at Gatwick.

Where does the Airport Transfers Industry Stands?

We at the transfer taxi industry have to be prepared as delays and canellations are inevitable. There’s a rumor at Gatwick Airport that Although many services will be operating as normal, the short haul flights- continental and domestic ones will be the ones that we may expect to be most vanurable to cancellations and disruptions.

Let’s hope these transfers which were pre paid by cards will not be affected in anyway as any cancellations result in a company lose.

My own thoughts of strikes, trasnfers and unions.

We are all counting down days to London Olympics. Maybe British Airways’ Unite unions will have enough common sense not to interrupt that world scale event. I absolutely hate unions and think that unions officials shoul be arrested and sent to work in gold mines in Kosovo. Let them try to make unions there and see how it goes.  For me it always was very simple- you do not like the place you work, do not like the pay go somewhere else. Should any people be protected against the employment reductions in any company- no they should not. This is worst than a socialism which I grew up in. This sick kind of protectionism is even sicker that the ‘social benefit industry’ in tha UK. Believe me or not but you- the UK are sinking into social-blur-buttness. The more regulations there are the sicker the country becomes and more fraudalent prectises occurs. As for the taxi and transfer industry licenses( hiddden taxes) and rising fuel prices together with less work due to less customers scared to spend money or customers with no money to spend, these types of strike actions hit hard and below the waist.