London Gatwick Airport is a nice and rather small airport with two terminals. There is no proper taxi rank outside with black cabs waiting as Gatwick is located 30 miles south of Central London taxis and minicabs are controlled by different Borough.

London Gatwick Airport Taxi Service

London Gatwick Taxi Service is provided officially by Private Hire Operator called Checker Cars- you have to make a booking with the operator to get a car. Unlawfully they advertise their services as ‘taxi’. They are no different than hundreds of minicab firms across London and the UK. What is different about their service is the price, which is much higher than this offered by the rest of Private Hire Operators which ae not allowed to have their desks at Gatwick Terminals. Obviously they never get a fare back to Gatwick, so they have to put prices up and drivers drive like crazy to make it back, so they can get another fare ASAP.

If you ask me if there is an alternative to Checkers in providing London Gatwick Airport with a Taxi Service (or a minicab, chauffeured private hire) I could point you to the internet where you can find a good alternative. I would personally go for a company not scared to publish its address details on the website- some don’t- and these are probably the doggy ones.

Update May 2012: branded minicab operator who provides taxi transfers to and from Gatwick Airport since 2008 recently changed it’s name to You may still visit the website under new name here. This branding change is meant to help pottential customers to associate this new brand name with service range (i.e. ‘to and from Gatwick’) provided by them.