Another day, another Virgin Atlantic flight and another ‘NO SHOW’ at London Gatwick Airport.

After an hour of waiting one of the drivers reported a no show. When we contacted a passenger – an American lady- she was still in Orlando in her bed! and not at Gatwick Airport looking for a taxi transfer to Stansted.

Why did it happen, did she miss her flight?

No she flies out of States today on 21st July, but will get to Gatwick tomorrow morning. Obvious for anyone who travels frequently in and out of Europe but apparently not for many Americans.

For future reference we advised her to check not only a departure date but the arrival. She was kind enough to sent us the original Virgin Atlantic Itinerary which DOES NOT GIVE THIS information- it only says the arrival can be on a different day than the departure.

We live in absurd times expressed at the insanity of some descriptions on a daily used products, where on a pack of nuts there’s an information that ‘It may contain nuts’, or a Warning Hot- on a hot cup of coffee, but there is no information on when you arrive at the destination provided clearly on one of the most popular arlines’ itineraries. VS you should be ashamed it is a disgrace. Longer I live less fan I become of your brands. It seems that the only thing you are good at is advertising your products and services but as soon as something is sold, the effort is gone.

Passengers be advised to make sure that the arrival date is the local arrival date, not the departure when placing a reservation for airport taxi transfers from Heathrow or Gatwick Airports.